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Fitness Fashion Essentials – #ShapeUpSeptember

Yes that’s right ladies, we have an excuse to go shopping! It’s likely that we can all agree that exercising in your jeans is less than ideal. We need support and lightweight breathable fabrics to make us as comfortable as possible while we’re working out. We’ve put together a range of Fitness Fashion Essentials. We were kindly sent these to review.

1 – Trainers.

This might sound like an obvious one, but trainers are so important for when you’re working out. Some of the most painful injuries athletes experience are foot discomfort such as blisters, weakened ankles etc so it is important you find a pair of trainers that will make your feet comfortable on all surfaces, as well as keeping your ankles well supported.  We love these ones from Helly Hansen.  They have a thick sole and are well gripped meaning you are less likely to slip. These also have a breathable outer fabric meaning if your feet are sweating, this will be absorbed.

2 – Lightweight Trousers

If you choose to exercise outdoors, it can often be too chilly to wear shorts, particularly with the colder weather due to arrive in the UK. We would recommend wearing lightweight trousers that are almost like leggings, but more breathable and supportive. We prefer to use some that are sweat absorbing and stretchy as these allow you to move around freely.  These ones from Helly Hansen cost £50.

3 – Training Top

Ideally, we want to wear something up top that won’t make us too hot, but will also ensure we’re not cold. We want comfort, sweat and shock absorbing material and of course something that won’t make us feel restricted when we’re on the move.  This half zip training top has a breathable fabric and is fitted, allowing you to train without even thinking about your clothing.

4 – Singlet/Loose Tank Top

Both men and women get points where they can no longer stand having something stick to their skin and need something loose and airy to wear. Enter a singlet/tank top. Men can enjoy wearing a race back top or similar whereas women might like to wear one like this, which looks quite basic and yet is still fashionable. You will find this loose and comfortable on those days where you just need some freedom.

Shh! Ladies! You also need to get a good sports bra. We would recommend getting one that is shock absorbing meaning things such as running, jumping and skipping won’t be uncomfortable. Advantages of wearing a sports bra include support and ease of back ache.

So there’s a list of all the fitness fashion you will need to help you on your way to get fit in time for Christmas! Make sure you tweet us using #shapeupseptember to let us know how you’re getting on!

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