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Fly Around With Revell Control Quadcopter Quad Cam

Revell Control Quadcopter Quad Cam is the new fun and exciting Quadcopter with video recording and different manoeuvres that make it the perfect present for any gadget lover.

UnderTheChristmasTree were kindly sent one of these Quad Cam’s and we loved it! When it first arrived, John in the office – who is a big gadget fan, decided he would give this a try.  Taking it out of the box was very easy and there was an instructions booklet to help with the setting up and how to use all the features.

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To start with John charged the multicopter battery which took around 90 minutes to do and this gave around 7 minutes of use, (You must remove from the battery compartment and do not hold the cable) to charge, simply plug into charger which LED goes red and this will go when it is charging.

For first take off, you need to thrust the controller which is on the left, this has to point down before you switch this on.  Then John set the on/off switch on the remote and the LED light began to blink.  Connecting the battery cable with the connecting cable, the LED lights began to blink.  Placing the multicopter on the ground so the tail faced John and the propellers were towards the front, it was time to thrust the controller briefly up and down again, when doing this the power LED on the remote control illuminated continuously.

Controlling the Revell Control Quad Cam was easy with the remote control, to increase the altitude all you need to do is move the control of the thrust and rotation forward.  To fly lower or to land move the thrust/rotation control back, fly forward and backward by moving the controller for forward/backward as well as banking carefully back.  To turn the helicopter around the left simply move the controller for the thrust and rotation to the left and to move do the same but move the rotation to the right.

John wanted to try a greater slight speed, so he simply pressed the button at the bottom and the remote control beeped twice – although you should not do this until you have sufficient experience in the standard settings but if you would like to re-active to slow speed simply press the button again.

Revell Control models are available from www.amazon.co.uk and all good toy and model retailers. For details visit www.revell.de/en

At this point, it was time to try flying loops! After mastering the multicopter, John briefly pressed vertically on the joystick on the remote control and moved the control forwards and did a loop! (make sure you leave sufficient room (at least 10 metres) and also a safety height (fly at a height of at least 5m as the multicopter loses height when rolling over and has to be caught and corrected afterwards)

After climbing to a safe height, press the control forward and backwards and banking all the way forward and all the way back very quickly.  The Quad Cam also has a built-in camera which will record or take photos while the Quadcopter is flying and saves these directly to the micro SD card.  Looking back at the recording and photos is a lot of fun as you can see how you have improved in your flying skills from start to finish.

Overall we thought Revell’s gadget was fun and with the built-in camera it’s great to improve your flying ability!

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