Foooz Pro Match Set

Are you ready for some Twisting, Flicking, Football, Fun? Then the Foooz Pro Match set could be for you. We were kindly sent this for review.

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  • Table Football
  • Drumond Park
  • suitable for age 5+
  • available from

Foooz Game

Foooz, from top UK manufacturer Drumond Park who wowed everyone with last years top board game  Logo, have done it yet again with this amazing table top football set.

Foooz is the latest football craze that kids of 5 and over are talking about.

Inside the Pro Match Box you will find

  • 2 foooz figures
  • 2 goals
  • Target card
  • 2 balls
  • 2 click on boots for special tricks
  • 2 sticker sheets
  • 8 unique skills cards

This is table football for your pocket.  With the fun, blue click on boots you can perform special tricks that could help you get the foooz ball into the back of the net.

Challenge your friends to a game of foooz where the only limit is your imagination.

How good are your football skills?  Set up your Foooz Pro Match Set and in an instant your ready to Shoot It, Bend It, Chip It and Blast It – will you be the victor or will it be the player in the black T-shirt with the red sleeves?

You were going for gold and your guy has a look of grim determination as he concentrates hard on the ball.  His long grey arms are ready for whatever team red think they can do, as the ball gets closer he twists and flicks the foooz ball into the back of the net.

Team gold’s determination has won the match and he didn’t even use his special blue boots which would have given him some special tricks that would leave team red standing on the touch line wondering what exactly had happened as her performed great trick shots; top corner volleys and flip the ball into the net.

He knows that today he is the winner but only by practicing will he keep on top, there are always more contenders wanting to take his title.

So he’s happy to play alone as he hones his skills so that he’s ready for any challenge – so bring it on, younger brother or grandad it makes no difference to team gold, he’s ready to take on all contenders in Foooz Pro Match Set,  his favourite game of the year.

Are you ready to take the Foooz Challenge?

Foooz Reviews

Have you already played Foooz Pro Match set?  Let us know what you thought of this table football game, we’d love to hear from you.

This is no longer available.

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