Forceps – Camera – Action!

Would you hire a photographer to take photos of you giving birth?

Think back to that happy day when your baby came into the world and no doubt a smile will cross your face as you remember that happy occasion.

You, quite probably, wish that you had some photos to remind you of that wonderful time.

Now concentrate your mind on the hour (?) or so before your baby was delivered – not such good images eh?

Hold that thought!

Add, into that image in your head, a professional photographer taking pictures as you concentrate on getting through the latest contraction.

This is not your partner taking these pictures but an expensive photographer snapping away with a huge lens just when you’re not looking your best.

According to the New York Times birth photography is taking off in USA, but will it be as popular here in the UK?

The article goes on to say that many ‘moms’ request pictures of the baby crowning.

Is this something you might consider?  Or do you consider this to be a personal moment for you and your partner to share together?

Read the full article from the New York Times here 

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