Fuel For Thought?

A new report suggests that thousands of Brits are buying potentially dangerous fuel cans and canisters for everyday usage such as lighting a barbecue and using the lawnmower.

Despite such vigorous health and safety regulations in other aspects, the government have overlooked this.

We’ve all been there, off we’ve went to fill up the petrol can to cut the grass without really stopping to think about the health and safety risks involved. Petrol can & spout burns are the number 1 cause of adult burns in the UK with over 53,000 injuries each year. Many of these are life threatening and some even prove to be fatal.

It has became apparent that safety precautions such as child caps and labeling are not likely to be introduced anytime soon, with any upcoming measures being introduced solely to save money, rather than lives.

With barbecue season well underway, it’s important to be safe and sensible when using any fuel or fire.

This leads to a bigger debate, how many other health and safety legislation have been introduced with a money saving or making plot at the back of it?  and just how many have been introduced for the health and safety of the Great British public?.

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