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Fun Exercises For Kids

Are you trying to get the kids more active but they are reluctant? Why not try these fun ways to get the kids to exercise when they are at home.

If they are inside why not try a dance party. Put on some fun music, get them to dance around and like musical statues, pause the music and hold it until the music starts again.

Balloon Ball – Try to keep the balloon off of the ground or play catch

Hallway Bowling – Get some empty bottles and use any ball you have and play some hallway bowling (just make sure you move anything breakable out of the way first)

What if its a nice day and you’re trying to get the kids to go outside and do some fun exercising?

Jump Rope – Get two people to swing the rope and get the kids to jump when it skips to the floor

Obstacle Course – These are always fun, create an obstacle course from furniture or get some chalk and draw an obstacle course and each time they reach the next obstacle get them to do a fun exercise (just 1 or 2) such as a star jump, waddle like a duck or hop like a bunny

Follow the Leader – Add in some energetic movements like jumping, stomping and squatting

Treasure Hunt – This game is one which is sure to get the kids outside and running around. Write some clues and hide them around the garden. Kids can race to find each clue for a small prize at the end

Hopscotch – Use chalk or tape to make a game on the ground

Tickle Tag – Chase your children and when you catch them, it’s tickle time

What fun exercises do your kids do? Comment below and let us know.

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