Fun Facts About Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters toys were created by Vivid Imaginations which has recently announced that there have been over 40 million units of the Moshlings line sold worldwide (as of August 24th 2012). Why not take a look below at some fun facts that you may or may not have known about these cute and fun moshi monsters.

Moshi Monster Facts

Fact 1
Katsuma’s speak “Katsumanese” in a “squishy” voice. There voice also changes pitch depending on what kind of mood they are in.

Fact 2
Luvli is shaped like a Cherry/Apple

Fact 3
Poppets are the only monsters with whiskers

Fact 4
Furi’s are very good at ballet dancing

Fact 5
Poppet Moshi’s are sweet and friendly but can be a bit shy too

Fact 6
Diavlos are carefree, fun monsters when they are well treated

Fact 7
Zommers hang around with the spookies and love dressing up & celebrating Halloween!

Fact 8
Did you know that you can adopt your very own Moshi Monster online. Over 50 million monsters have been apoted already!

Fact 9
In March 2012 Mind Candy confirmed a deal with Sony to launch their very own Moshi Monster Music label

Fact 10
In Moshi Monsters, many real-life people and fictional characters have been parodied. For example: Lady Goo-Goo = Lady Gaga

If you have any fun facts about moshi’s please feel free to send us them in by commenting below.

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