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Fun Travel Games

Travelling with children can sometimes prove to be boring and tedious for both the children and adults.

We’ve put together a list of fun travel games to help keep both you and your children occupied whilst travelling, whether it be by car, train, boat or plane.

Who’s That Next Door?

This game is really simple and will keep you occupied for hours.  Simply look at the car next to you and guess what kind of person is in that car – try different accents, how old they are, what their name might be. This game will really encourage your children to use their imaginations.

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No, not the ‘bridge’ you know! This game is suitable for all the family! ‘Bridge’ is a game where everytime someone see’s a bridge, they shout ‘Bridge!’ and collect a point if they are the first one to say it. Everyone can join in, and you can trust us, this is more fun than it sounds! we played it (fully grown adults!) on a two hour car journey and were laughing the whole way through the journey.

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How Many?

If you’re on a train, you can play the ‘how many’ game! Everytime you pass another train, you need to quickly count how many carriages that train has.

Who’s On The Bus?

Everytime you see a bus, you get 5 seconds to count how many people are on the bus!


It’s an oldie, but its a goodie! I-spy is excellent to play on long journeys, such as on a flight.  Take it in turns to do ‘i spy with my little eye, something beginning with…’ and name your letter. Once the word has been guessed, the winner then takes their turn! I Spy is entertaining and will have everyone playing together.

Travelling doesn’t need to be so boring with our Fun Travel Games!

Do you have any Fun Travel Games you play when you’re travelling?

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