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Furby Mania

We seek him here, we seek him there, but will we get one before the man in the big red coat arrives?

According to Hasbro sales of Furby are going through the roof.  Are we once again going to see Furby mania?

Back in 1998 Furby was the top toy craze and sold out from many outlets causing panic among parents.

Yep the fur was definitely flying back then as parents queued and trampled their way to the front of the queue to ensure their ‘little darling’ found one under the  tree on Christmas morning.

Can we expect the same thing to happen again?  Probably not!

Online shopping has saved us the all the stress and strains involved in seeking out the must have toys.  Now we can check prices and stock 24 hours a day in the comfort of our own armchair.

The new range of Furby’s feature modern additions and is packed full of technology and personality and has, once again, become one of these years’ hottest toys.

Stock of all the colour variations is limited and at some toy outlets prices are well above the RRP.

Will you be among the many UK parents who will be learning Furbish this Christmas or are you still searching for the elusive furry friend?

You can check Furby stock availability HERE at underthechristmastree

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