Furby prices to be revealed for the UK next week

Well it’s nearly here Hasbro’s big Christmas toy Furby is to be revealed in the UK next week! You will finally get to find out official product details, see its new look and find out what the price will be.

The US have listed the Furby at $60 so we at think the cute interactive furry friend will be priced around £45-£60 we will tell you official prices as soon as we receive them.

Hasbro’s big xmas toy was shown off in the US for the first time publically via ABC news. It showed app-related features, LED eyes, sensors, accelerometer, iphone and ipad app plus a whole lot more – Furby has been given a over-haul.

You will be able to feed furby, talk to furby and more via the apps when they are launched in September – Christmas has just gotten a whole lot furrier!

Hasbro’s marketing director in the US, Kenny Davis said “It was a confluence of technology that made us want to bring the Furby back,”

“The original Furby was more than an anamatronic toy; it was the first toy that appeared to have a brain. We have been thinking about the ways to give Furby a real personality.”

When asked about the RRP price Davis added: “We decided if we wanted to successfully make a toy where a kid wants to form a relationship with it, this is the tech we need.

“People are looking at $60 video games; we think people will play with Furby for longer than some of those video games.”

The original Furby was a sell out success when it hit shelves in the late ’90s and we expect this christmas 2012 to be exactly the same.  Already rumours of different colours and characters are on the horizon. Sign up for our FREE newsletter and be notified to all Furby news via out sign up form on the left hand side.

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