Furby Purple / Pink 2012

He’s back!  rocking in with brand new technology you can play with him using your phone, tablets & more. The 1998’s must have toy has had a makeover and is set to be one of Hasbro’s biggest Christmas toys. Purple / Pink Furby features:

    • Responds to your touch, music and other Furbys!
    • LCD Eyes
    • Sensors around it’s body
    • Apps to downloads to feed it and learn furbish
    • Available from Amazon

Hitting the shelves in time for Christmas, Hasbro the creator of 2012 Furby Purple/Pink is due to be one of this years hot toys.

Dust off your Furbish dictionary as our furry friend of yester year is back, the new version may look the same and still talks Furbish but it’s had a bit of a makeover.

This years purple furby is ready for the 21st century with apps, new sensors and can now respond to human voices and has the ability to pick up on tone, but treat it right as your Furby will have it’s very own personality!

Another way he grows is by learning English.  Furby, as you might remember, speaks in its own native tongue, called Furbish.  Now he can also learn English words along the way with the help of the free app.

What Emotions does Furby purple show?

He expresses most of his emotion through his new LCD eyes.  This is where you get to see just exactly what hey is feeling as graphics appear showing:-

      • Hearts when you tickle him
      • Fire when he’s fed a hot pepper
      • Closes his eyes when it’s time for a sleep

There’s even a Furby iOS app, which sends inaudible sound codes to the toy. The original 5” version had the ability to speak and did – continually.  Unfortunately the new Furby purple / pink, like its counterpart has neither an off or volume switch to turn down his high-pitched voice. So when he gets on your nerves you’ll have to isolate him or remove one of his 4 AA batteries.

Looking pretty much like the older version but with built in sensors giving a wider range of emotions, expressions, movement and is more interactive. With sensors in its stomach, head and back and an accelerometer inside which senses movement, speed and direction so that even when he is turned upside down or shaken he will still babble on. Laugh along with him as you tickle his back, stomach or head.

The new purple Furby 2012 has the ability to interact with your iPad or iPhone and a range of apps that will allow you to feed and communicate with your new best friend.

Let’s hope this time around that it doesn’t get banned from the Pentagon as a national security threat.  Fifteen years ago Hasbro Furby was flying off the shelves and sold more than 40 million copies when it was first released.  It was all the rage and suppliers couldn’t get it onto the shelves quickly enough.

This new and updated version is guaranteed to, once again, pull on the heartstrings of a whole new era of kids who are going to fall instantly in love with this cute, (annoying?) little guy.

Overall there are six Furbys to collect which include:

Hasbro Furby Purple Reviews

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