Furnishing a Nursery

You’ve had the happy news that you’re going to have your first baby and both you and your partner are over the moon.

One of the first things you want to tackle is the nursery, after all once you’re further into your pregnancy you may not feel able to tackle this huge task.

If you have chosen not to find out the sex of your baby what colour best suits your room?

Creating a gender neutral nursery is always the easiest option.  Pastel colours are always bright and cheery and cream walls make a great backdrop for pictures etc giving you the chance to put your mark on the room.

Wooden flooring is great and easy to keep clean – add a big rug for a splash of colour and warmth.

Once you’ve finished decorating, take some time looking at a cot for your new arrival.

This is one of the most important pieces of furniture that you’ll buy and if you plan to have more children invest in one that will last.

When choosing your cot make sure you can lean in to pick up your child and that it has easy to use drop sides. Although cots are fairly standard in size make sure that it’s going to be big enough for a growing child and sturdy enough for when they are older.

You’ll need a changing table – try to find one that fits in with your décor and has drawers where you can store extra nappies, creams etc.  With nappies in mind – get a bin with a lid to quickly dispose of soiled nappies

A comfortable chair for nursing your baby especially important if you are to breastfeed and it’s a great place to rock them off to sleep.

You’ll be amazed at how many clothes your new baby needs and gets from family and friends when they come to meet your new arrival so think carefully about your nursery furniture.

One thing that is often forgotten is a night-light or a dimmer switch for the nursery.  A dimmer switch will give off a mellow glow sufficient to let you or your partner see where you’re going as you rush to your crying baby.

It also helps your baby learn the difference between night and day and will help settle him/her off to sleep.

If your nursery gets lots of sunshine ( a bit optimistic in the UK ) then a fan will help cool down the room and the humming noise will lull your baby to sleep.

A baby bouncer for newborn’s is a great way to keep baby with you as you move around your home. Many come with gentle vibrations that will soothe them off to sleep on a cosy padded seat as they listen to the lullabies that play along or keep them contented as they watch you move around your home.

Make a list of all the things you’ll need for your new born, so that when you are asked for suggestions you have some ideas.

Don’t forget to get a keepsake box to put your baby’s hospital bracelet, your scan pictures, the newborn pictures etc – these are things that in all the excitement are easily lost and cannot be replaced.

Finally, shop for all the nice, cute little things you want to put in to your nursery to welcome your new baby.

Are you expecting little feet anytime soon? have you already decorated your nursery? Comment using our comments box below.

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