George Foreman Entertaining 10 Portion Grill 18910

The George Foreman Entertaining 10 Portion Grill features:

    • cooks all thicknesses
    • cook for up to 10 people
    • 970 sq cm
    • easy clean

If you have a large family or regularly cook for up to 10 people you would benefit from owning the new 970 sq cm George Foreman 10 Portion Grill.

Perfect for larger families this easy to use grill can quickly cook foods of all thickness leaving in all their taste, thanks to the floating hinges.

Not sure if your grill has reached its temperature?  Don’t worry as there is a power and temperature light included.

The adjustable rear foot allows you to flat cook your Panini or angled for meat cooking the grill then channels any grease or fat into a separate drip tray giving you a much healthier meal.

Unlike many other large appliances the George Foreman entertaining grill can be stored vertically, saving you valuable storage space as you slide it into a convenient space.

No need to worry about dangling, unraveling cords either as the clever folks over at George Foreman have included a handy cord wrap so not only does it store easily, it also keeps your cupboards tidy.

We all want to enjoy eating healthier food and thanks George Foreman patented fat reducing design we now can.

Channeling fat from food into the drip drays provided means we eat healthier and much tastier foods.

Features of the George Foreman Entertaining Grill

  • Cooks up to 10 portions
  • Fat reducing
  • Separate drip tray for channeled fat and grease
  • Easy Clean

George Foreman 10 Portion Grill Specifications

  • 970 sq cm
  • Floating hinge
  • Compact storage
  • Cord wrap
  • Power and Temperature Indicator Light
  • Power and temperature indicator light

Review George Foreman 18910 Entertaining 10 Portion Grill

If you already own or have cooked on this new fat reducing 10 portion grill please do contact us below we’d love to hear what you think of it.

This is no longer available.

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