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Get A Little Tarty With These Christmas Pies GBBO

Will Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry get a little pie-eyed when they sample the remaining bakers Pies and Tarts this evening?

We thought we’d give you something to get those tastebuds tingling before the event.

Are these Christmas Angels guarding the Mince Pies

This Cranberry/Apple pie has us drooling

Would you give your sweet-part one of these Chocolate and Cherry Custard Tarts?

Eyes-pie with my little eye

Christmas and Ice Cream Pie – it doesn’t get better than this!

Is Mary Berry a Mincemeat S -pie?

Rudolph gets tarted up for Christmas

Merry Christmas to you too – you little tart!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our mouth watering look at some Christmas Pies and Tarts.  What homemade pies and tarts will you be drooling over this Christmas?  Get in touch below and share your recipes.

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