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Get All Gelled Up with the Rokit Gel Polish Professional Kit

UnderTheChristmasTree take’s an in-depth look into Rokit Gel Polish Professional Kit, well we do want the best nails this Christmas! We were kindly sent this to review.

Nothing looks nicer than perfectly manicured, polished nails, however, keeping them is an entirely different matter. A few taps on the computer keys and oops there goes another chip in the varnish and now you just can’t wait to remove it.

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Gel nails could be the answer to our prayers, professional manicurists say that once done your nails should be chip free for up to 14 days. Great – let’s go!

Before we rush off perhaps we’d better take a quick look at what gel nail treatments are likely to cost – you’ll probably be surprised at just how expensive it is and if the kids need new shoes (don’t they always?) it’s money we really can’t afford to spend as Christmas gets closer.

The Rokit Gel Polish Professional Kit is available from Amazon UK

We were over the moon when HoMedics sent us over the Rokit Gel Polish Professional Kit and as everyone (except John) wanted to try this kit out we had to resort to drawing straws. Mandy was the lucky winner and we grudgingly handed over the gel nail kit to her.  This is what she had to say:

“The Rokit Gel Polish Professional Kit includes everything you will need for a complete salon quality manicure. In fact it actually includes everything for up to 10 complete salon quality manicures.

This will be the first time I’ve tried an at-home gel nail polish kit and I’m really looking forward to trying it out. According to Rokit their kit is simple to apply, simple to remove, kind to your nails and longer lasting than standard nail polish.

The kit itself is nicely boxed and comes with everything I should need for rock hard, high shine nails in just one simple application, including an LED lamp containing 32 LED lights to promote a super-fast curing time s well as a built in treatment timer. Although the kit does come with a Shock Pink nail gel they kindly sent me over 3 others from their range to choose from, they were ‘Purple Couture’, Bordeaux Red and ‘Postbox Red’, and although I liked them all decided to stick with the ‘Shock Pink’ this time around.

Following the instruction leaflet I prepared my hands and nails for my first ever treatment, I filed my nails and pushed back my cuticles and using 1 of the 20 nail cleansing pads included in the pack, removed any dirt or grease from the surface of my nails.

Now it was time for the first coat and after vigorously shaking the Rokit One Step Gel Polish I applied a thin even coat to my nails, leaving my thumb nail until later, following their detailed instructions, I even managed to remember to cap each nail to prevent chipping.  I put my hand palm side down into the LED Curing Lamp and turned it on, waited the required minute and removed my hand before switching the lamp off – I was a bit disappointed that a kit of this quality hadn’t included a minute timer.

Rokit do stress that the polish must be applied in thin coats as too thick a layer could result in bubbling or lifting of your gel polish.

I repeated the process on my other hand, again leaving the thumb till later and followed the same steps as before, once I’d completed all 8 nails it was time for both thumbs to be done at one time.

Step 2 was exactly the same as step one only this time the drying time was extended to 2.5 minutes – this time no timer was needed as the lamp is set for 2.5 minutes and automatically turns off.

That’s it – Job done! I can’t believe just how easy it all was, OK so I found it a bit fiddly as this was my first time using these products, but the result was well worth it and my nails looked great. All I need to do now is follow up with a little of the enclosed Rokit Conditioning Cuticle Oil every day.

A week later and my gel nails were still going strong but as I’d quite like to try another colour and because I’d promised to try all that the kit had to offer, I set about removing my polish. Again it was a really simple process and the remover had been included in the box, only difference I found from removing ‘normal’ nail varnish was that I had to steep my nails in the remover for up to 5 minutes before the gel was ready to be removed.

What are my chances of trying out that other colour I liked? Probably none at all, as the other girls in the office are drawing straws (again!) to see who will be next to try it out.

I was really impressed with my finished nails and would have no hesitation in using the Rokit Gel Polish Professional Kit again. I found it extremely helpful that everything I needed to complete my nails was in the box – right down to the gel varnish.”

Have you tried this kit or other gel nail kits?  Do get in touch below and share your thoughts and results.

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