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Get Down & Boogie Your Way To A 70’s Christmas

That’s right, we are officially onto the 1970’s for our bygone Christmas feature! The 70’s was full of flares and Flower power.

Welcome to the glorious decade that is the 1970’s.

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When you think about the 70’s a few things spring to mind. Flares, hippies, flower power, the Beatles and amazing music.  Christmas during the happy decade was definitely a happy occasion.

Most shopping areas in the UK had a resident ‘Santa’ (just a relative of the real Santa, bringing Christmas joy before Christmas obviously!) and children would enjoy sitting on Santa’s lap and telling him how well behaved they had been throughout the year.

Tinsel today is still popular, however during the 70’s it was the most popular kind of decoration and was strung here, there and everywhere!

There were also very few artificial tree’s so invariably ‘real’ pine tree’s were bought and the bigger the better! Most people were happy to have their tree’s taking over their entire room. Many people were also carefree when it came to decorating their tree’s – big baubles, flashing lights and as much Tinsel as a tree could take.

What about gifts? fashion? music?….

Well, we will be exploring the retro 70’s throughout the month as part of our popular ByGone Christmases series where we will look into detail for each section.

What do you remember from the 1970’s? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underxmastree.

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