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Following research which shows that over half of parents struggle to get their kids to each fruit, we ask how do you encourage your children to visit the fruit bowl instead of the biscuit barrel?

The findings also shows that 12 percent of mums find it so difficult, that they have given up.

We all know that it’s important that children eat fruit and vegetables but actually getting them to do so is a very different matter.

Below you will find some hints and tips that might make it a little easier.

  • Keep the fruit bowl filled up and in view for a quick snack
  • Give your child free reign to help themselves to the fruit bowl
  • When shopping take your child/children with you and get them to choose some fruits for themselves
  • Encourage children to help when preparing fresh fruit salad
  • Lead by example let your children to see you eat fruit regularly
  • Try adding small pieces of fruit to their favourite yoghurt
  • Slice banana onto toast for a tasty lunch
  • Make up a fruit skewer including pieces of pineapple, orange, grapes, banana, apple etc.
  • Add some new fruits to existing favourite meals – top their favourite cereal with fruit
  • Include pieces of fruit into their lunch boxes, tangerine, apple, banana are all good options
  • When making a  jelly add some chopped fruit pieces to it.
  • Jazz it up a bit – melt some chocolate and give them some fruit pieces to dip into the chocolate.

We wrote an article on this subject matter on Wednesday to read more about why children are not eating fruit click on the link:  Parents Struggling To Get Thier Kids To Eat Fruit

Do you have a fail safe way to get your children to eat fruit and veg? Let us know we’d love to hear your tips.

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