Get Instant Christmas Music On The Lindy BTS-360 Bluetooth Speaker

There are so many different Bluetooth speakers out on the market today, and with Christmas sneaking up on us it seems stores think these will top Santa’s list. We were kindly sent this to review.

When it comes to a decent sound you don’t want to hear buzzing or hissing but a good, crisp sound and with Lindy BTS-360 Bluetooth Speaker, we think that’s exactly what you will get.

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Holly decided it was time organise her playlist, crank out the Christmas tunes and see just exactly how this little beauty worked, here’s what she thought below.

Arriving in a stylish red and white box, I simply couldn’t wait to slip off the lid and get straight into this, with so many different speakers out I wanted to know just exactly what made this one  better than most.

On opening the box you will see the speaker, and as I lifted it out I noticed just how light the speaker is – most of the weight is in the box itself!   I was impressed by how neat it was – it can only be the size of a large mug – perfect as I want to be able to take this away with me to friends this Christmas.

Offering a 360 degree audio experience (hence the name BTS-360) setting up was as easy as finishing a box of mince pies – just without the regret later! Pairing up was fast and easy, simply plonk your phone on the speaker (the red part on the top) and it will start the pairing process.

Once done, I opened up my streaming music/video app and straight away heard Elton blasting out Step Into Christmas from the speaker.  The sound was immense and really did fill the room, with no buzzing or bad feedback, I will certainly be using this for some Christmas parties, however like all Bluetooth kit, you’ll need to keep the gadget within around 10 meters for operation.

Keeping charge was not an issue, I charged LINDY for around an hour and played it almost all day and have yet to re-charge. It does have a built-in rechargeable battery which lasts up to a whopping 18 hours – fantastic! It’s so annoying when the battery cuts out in the middle of a half decent song!

You can control volume by using your phone, so if  you are another room and LINDY is getting a little to loud for comfort simply adjust the volume up or down with your phone, no more having to get up in the middle of a conversation to go and adjust the volume, however you can do this on the device if you prefer.

Overall myself and the rest of the team felt the BTS-360 Bluetooth Speaker does exactly what it says on the tin and for around £54.99 it would make the ideal Christmas gift for any music and gadget lover.

If you would like to purchase Lindy BTS-360 Bluetooth Speaker you can HERE from Amazon UK.

Will you be taking a speaker to friends and family at Christmas? Let us know by commenting below!

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