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Get Interactive With Baby Born & Wash Basin

Zapf’s Baby Born collection is always on letter’s to Santa, so how does he decide which doll to give as a present? That’s where we come in to help! We take a look at Baby Born Interactive and Baby Born Interactive Wash Basin. We were kindly sent this to review.

First up we took a look at the new Baby Born Interactive Doll. Taking her out of the box, we seen how many different accessories Baby Born came with: dummy, potty, bottle, bowl, spoon, portion of porridge, a friendship bracelet for you and baby born and her birth certificate.

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This doll does not require any batteries and is suitable for ages 3 years and up. Baby born is fairly light to hold and she has moveable arms and legs.  We couldn’t help but admire her cute pink hat,  pink rabbit romper and her adorable little friendship bracelet on her wrist!

Baby Born Interactive doll has 8 brilliant life-like features, fill her bottle with some water, press the bottle to her mouth and she will drink away.   Feed her porridge (we put this in her bowl then fed) and just like a real life baby she will also wet her nappy.

When you press the button on her belly she will use her pink/purple potty and once done you can even give her a well needed bath.  Just like a real baby, Baby Born can and will cry (we couldn’t believe how realistic the tears looked), comfort her and watch as she becomes tired, starts to closer her eyes and then falls asleep!

Overall we thought this Zapf’s baby born interactive doll is a brilliant present for Christmas and as it doesn’t require any batteries your child can play with their doll straight away on Christmas morning.

Next we took a look at the Baby Born Interactive Wash Basin and we have to say we were very impressed with this set.

The wash basin is mostly in pink and has a mirror – which you can clearly see your reflection on!  When you press the white Baby Born button we were pleasantly surprised to see it all light up and hear the official baby born song play too – don’t worry it’s not to loud!

Filling up the basin with water is very easy to do, we simply pressed the tap, which goes down and up like a pump action, and watched in awe as it dispensed real water!  Baby Born can then wash her face and dry her face on the soft-to-touch towel. There is a rubber duck which is used as a plug, this will stop the water emptying out of the basin but it is easy to get in and out, Holly in the office thought it was so cute!

You can buy Baby Born Interactive Wash Basin At Amazon UK.

A toothbrush and cup sit on top of the wash basin and when  picked up you will hear a funny gargling sound, which we did not expect!,  but we felt it made the Baby Born Interactive Wash Basin look and sound very realistic.

Overall UnderTheChristmasTree thought the Baby Born Interactive Wash Basin which is suitable for ages 4 years and up is the ideal accessory to go with any Baby Born doll and with its fully interactive features we can see this being popular with any Baby Born fan!

What do you think of these Baby Born toys? Comment below and let us know.

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