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Get your Garden ready for Spring

Have you taken advantage of the better weather and the Spring holidays to get your garden prepared ready for planting?

Just as we spring clean our homes so to do we have to clean up our garden before starting to plant.

Getting your garden into order early helps make the arrival of spring and the seed sowing frenzy a little less hectic.

Make sure that any debris left over from last year is cleared away as bacteria, fungal spores and insect eggs lying on the ground can easily infect your new plants and ruin your produce.

Cold and wet days are the perfect opportunity for settling down with your seed and bulb catalogues and choosing what you will grow this year.

Make sure to wash your greenhouse before it’s needed for all your seedling and cutting trays.  After sweeping away any plant debris from both benches and floor, disinfect inside and out with a hot solution of disinfectant such as Jeyes Fluid.  Wash out your pots and seed trays too, to prevent disease that could infect your new plants. Ensure that your greenhouse is well ventilated so that it dries thoroughly

Now is a good time to install a water butt in your garden, perfect for collecting rainfall.  Try to position it where it will be of most use and also where most rain will be collected.  Placed under a downpipe allows you to make the most of the rain.

Now is a good time to repair any broken or damaged tools and also an ideal time to make sure those essential items, such as your spade, has been sharpened.  Caring for your tools not only helps prevent disease spreading but also saves you money. Tools that are well sharpened will be easier to work with and give better cutting results.

If you haven’t already got a compost area then now is a good time to get one organised.  You could easily make one of your own using spare pieces of wood or there a many ready made compost bins on the market.

A composting area will give you somewhere to put garden waste and your plants will also benefit from the resulting compost.

Pest and disease control presents a huge challenge for the gardener; many diseases can be prevented by practising good garden hygiene and keeping your garden, your greenhouse and your tools clean and well maintained.

Now that you are all prepared you can begin the task of bringing your garden to life.

Happy Gardening!

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