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Getting back to Normal

The Christmas Holidays are almost over and tomorrow morning the children head back to school giving you a welcome rest.

Perhaps not! Yes, your little darlings will head off tomorrow to tell all their friends about the presents they got and compare games etc while you start the dreaded clear up.

The Christmas holidays are great fun, it’s super catching up with family and friends we haven’t seen for ages.

We eat too much, we often drink too much and tomorrow is the day when everyone leaves the house and you’re on your own.

If you, like many Mums, also have a job then if possible try to arrange to take this – probably one of your busiest – day off work.

So, where do you start?  Getting everything and everyone back to normal is no easy task.

Tonight the children will have to get their bath/shower and head off to bed sooner than they have for the past two weeks or so – getting them to stay in bed will be no easy task.  Give them their favourite book to read for a little while, make sure that all their new toys are safely put out of sight so that they’re not tempted to get up and play.

Try to ensure that school books are organized, uniforms are pressed and hanging ready to jump into and packed lunches are made and in the fridge.

As you drink your cup of tea after waving them goodbye for the day take a look around and make a list of what must be done.

Stick a load of clothes into the washing machine and let it work its magic. Take a room at a time and tidy, vacuum and dust each one – it shouldn’t take too long to get round the house.

It may not be cleaned to your exacting specifications but it will be clean, neat and tidy and the Christmas tree and ornaments packed away until next year.

Welcome the family home to an easy to make meal like mac and cheese with a fruit salad and yogurt as a sweet.

Once you’ve tidied the kitchen (again) sit down and talk about their day before they start their homework and you start getting ready for the next morning.

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