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Gold Medal Winning Olympic Helps Build Tallest Lego Tower

A Gold medal-winning Olympian has helped put the final touches to the world’s tallest Lego tower yesterday (10 Sept). Single sculls champ Miroslava Knapkova placed the final stone on the 106ft structure which beats the previous record which is set in Britain by inches.

It was built to mark the 80th anniversary of Lego and took less than four days to put up. Half a million bricks were used in the tower which was built in Prague, Czech Republic. Czech rower Miroslava, 32, said: “I used to play with Lego as a small girl, when my father brought it home from abroad for me.”

The very first Lego tower was built in London in 1988 and measured just under 50ft. Since that, the record has been broken more than 30 times in places including: Toronto, Munich, Oslo, Windsor, Paris, Vienna and Santiago de Chille.

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