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Goody Good Stuff Managing Director – Melissa Burton Exclusive Q&A

Fact: Everyone loves a sweetie… or two, however finding a tasty treat which is not only suitable for all types of requirements such as Vegetarian, kosher, vegan and fat free seems to be impossible but things are about to change.

Good Good Stuff are the revolutionary company who have produced a line of new sweets which are suitable for Vegetarians, vegans and are Halal & Kosher certified plus they are also fat-free, meat-free, dairy-free, nut-free and gluten free and more to the point they are utterly scrumptious.

In this exclusive Q&A,  Managing Director Melissa Burton from Goody Good Stuff, answers our questions abouton why they decided on these type of sweets, what can you do with them and what are their plans for 2013/2014?

  • Q: What made you create sweets which were Vegetarian, fat-free, meat-free, dairy-free, nut-free, Halal & Kosher certified?  A:  I had been a vegetarian for over 10 years and really missed gummy sweets and then when speaking to my auntie and grandmother who were teachers I learned how more and more children were suffering from allergies or had speciality diet requirements – so I thought… wouldn’t it be great if we could create something that would be suitable for everyone? So that’s what we did!
  • Q:Was it difficult to create a sweet which was suitable for everybody?  A: We had to look into many different requirements both religious and allergen based so yes – it was tricky – on top of all of the other requirements I also wanted our range to be 100% natural so that added to the task as well. However, all of the hard work was worth it as now we have something that can be enjoyed across the board.
  • Q: Could you have a sneaky snack of Goody Good Stuff during a diet? A:  Absolutely – we have a new range of portion controlled Goody Good Stuff which are only 85kcals per pack and can be part of a diet when combined with exercise.
  • Q:What flavours are available? A: We have 10 flavours in the range –
  • Summer Peaches – Vegan
  • Sour Cherries – Vegan
  • Sour Koalas – Vegan
  • Cola Breeze – Vegan
  • Sour Mix & Match – Vegan
  • Sour Fruit Salad – Vegan
  • Tropical Fruit – Vegetarian
  • Cheery Cherries – Vegetarian
  • Koala Gummy Bears – Vegetarian
  • Strawberry Cream – Vegetarian
  • Q:What flavour has been most popular (we like the look of Summer Peaches!) A: All of the range are popular and to be honest the best seller changes every month! My favourite at the moment is Strawberry Cream but again – I change my mind every couple of weeks!
  • Q:What will be your next sweet flavour? A: We are working on seasonal lines at the moment and will be creating Sugar Plums and Christmas Trees for the holidays.
  • Q:Where can we go to buy these sweets? A: Our range is available at – Asda, Waitrose, Costco, Ocado, Wholefoods Market, Planet Organic, Virgin Trains and soon to be available at TESCO.


  • Q:What else can you do with the sweets? A: Our range is very cool in the fact that it can resist high heat – therefore you can actually bake it in cupcake recipes! We have made some great versions in the GGS HQ – Strawberry Cream Surprise, Bannoffee Delight and Peaches and Cream!
  • Q:What are Goody Good Stuff plans for 2013/2014? A: We have some very exciting plans which include more new flavours, further expansion into the middle east and a partnership with a very exciting MOVIE in the fall!

As part of National Vegetarian Week why not give these sweets a try? or if you would LIKE to try them for FREE you can – Find out more: Get Goody Good Stuff for FREE

You can bake them, they are fat free and are going to be in a movie! these have to be  best Hollywood A-list sweets around.

Thanks once again to the lovely Melissa and the Goody Good Stuff team for answering our questions we are sure our readers will be tasting every single flavour – we know we will be!

Now more to the point – we wonder if we could be in the movie? you know the actor/actress who has to eat the sweets over and over again? We can only hope!

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