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Gym Membership Not Required

You are keen to get fit but the costs of gym and health club membership is putting you off.

In today’s world it is a fact that we just don’t have time to go to a gym everyday even if we could afford it and the answer to getting fit is consistency.

Fortunately there are ways to get fit without spending a fortune.

Get off to a flying start by taking a walk, go alone or invite along a friend who’s also interested in getting fitter.

If it’s wet outside, get in touch with your local council run leisure centre – you’ll be amazed how little they charge to use their gym facilities and you could always top off your workout with a swim.

Invest in a pulse rate / calorie counter monitor and keep check of all the calories you burn as you go about your daily routines in the home.

Now you are a little fitter it may be time to take your walking up a level and try some jogging.

Choose a route you know well and build it up gradually, walking if you feel out of breath

Joining a local walking group will not only help you burn calories but can also introduce you to new people.

Clip a lead onto the dog (or a neighbour’s dog) and take it for a long walk in the park.

Jump onto a bicycle and head off for a nice long cycle, if you prefer you could also think about joining a cycling club.

Make a day of it and get the family involved by packing up a healthy picnic lunch and heading out on your bicycles together.

Getting in shape doesn’t need to involve strenuous visits to the gym.

By making a few changes to the way you do things – like walking to the shops instead of taking the car – you will be amazed how much your fitness level has increased and how much fun you’ve had.

What do you do when you can’t get to a gym? Comment below and let us know.

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