Half Term at Home

Easter holidays are over, but that means the sun is peaking out and the Half Term holidays are here.

How will you and the family spend the days – outside? exploring Britain? or going abroad? either way it’s all about having fun with the family.

UnderTheChristmasTree has put together a budget friendly list for some half term fun at home.

Get preparing early so no matter what the weather or budget you and the family can let the fun begin.

1) Gardening – As those sunny days start to appear gardening can be something the whole family can get involved in. Children can grow their own friendly plants, take part in gardening projects or if mum and dad can prepare early hide some fun items around the garden for your child to find and reward them with their own garden tools at the end.

So while Dad cuts the grass and mum prunes the flowers, children too can have fun in the big outdoors.

2) Board Game Day – Not every day will have the sun beaming but one thing you can be rest assured of everyday will have a child wanting to do something, so if you are stuck indoors why not pull down some old board games and get the whole family interacting. You could also have a small fun family competition – whoever win’s the most from all the board games can choose what to have for dinner or a movie?

3) Let’s have a teddy bear/doll Picnic – Get your little ones to dress their favourite doll/teddy bears up, make up a small picnic, get a blanket and head outside for a picnic.

Mum’s and Dad’s can also join in (if invited!) however we are pretty sure if you take a little ice cream you will be invited to take a seat.

4) Babysitting Day – Organize with other parents to all take a shot in babysitting, so not only does your little one get to see their friends but parents can have a nice quiet day relaxing – or cleaning up the fun from previous days!

5) Arts and Crafts – Pens, paint, pencils, paper, glue and glitter is all you need to have a craft day. Put some old sheets/newspapers on the floor hand over all the fun messy stuff and let your child get creating.

Once finished get your little one to show what they have made and stick to the fridge to show how proud you are of them.

As the floor has been covered hopefully all mess has been confined to one area (until three days later you see some glitter on the walls!) you can bundle up the old sheet and put in the bin.

The half term holidays can be stressful and sometime very expensive, so with our helpful guide to having a budget friendly half term at home, the only stress should be good stress.

How are you planning the half term holidays? will you be staying at home? Comment and let us and other know.

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