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Half Term – Fun on a Budget

February is not always the easiest month to keep young children occupied – the UK weather alone often makes outdoor pursuits difficult.

Many working mums are trying to balance working hours and home – a difficult enough task when the children are at school even more of a challenge when they’re on holiday.

So how will you entertain your children this half term?

Here are some suggestions that might make it a little easier:

Get together with other mums, after all their children are also on holiday, and try to arrange a day within the holidays that each mum can take all the children.

If 5 mums get together then the children will have something exciting and different to do each day. They’ll get to visit their friends’ home and each day will be an adventure.

5 mums = 5 days and the holidays are almost done. You don’t feel so bad about being at work and neither do the other 4 mums and the kids have had a ball.

If you are going to be in sole charge of your brood for the week try to use the time to get some fun and helpful things done.

Get out the family bikes and some buckets and sponges and let them loose in the garden.

The same can be done with garden furniture that needs a spruce up – kids love playing around with water an there’s a fair chance that they will end up wetter than the furniture.

Pack up a picnic, take along the dog and a ball and head to the park for the day.

If it’s wet try taking them to your local museums and visitor centres most of which are free followed by a visit to the local ice cream shop for a treat.

Hire some movies and buy some kid style snacks – crisps, popcorn, nuts, fruit etc, close the curtains to darken the room and have a home movie day – even more fun will be if you have any old home movies of the family taken when they were small, these would keep them watching, laughing and talking for hours.

Get them to create a play making sure everyone has a part that can be acted out when all members of the family are available later in the day.

Take advantage of other family members who are also on holiday, perhaps some bored teenagers, aunts, uncles etc who would love (?) to take them for the day.

Have fun!

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