Hama Busy Animals 3133

Create your own unique designs with the new Hama Busy Animals 3133 set. We were kindly sent this to review and which features:

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  • 4000 pieces
  • Peg boards
  • Ironing paper
  • Suitable for age 5+
  • Available from

Hama Busy Animals 3133

Open up your new Busy Animals box and inside you will find a huge collection (around 4,000) of  brightly coloured beads. The beads featured in this set are the midi set, others are available and come in a range of 3 sizes- Mini, Midi and Maxi.

Before opening the plastic container of beads we would advise that you have a resealable bag or a box with a tight fitting lid ready to decant the beads for storage.

The beads are multicoloured and made from plastic, Along with the pack comes 2 peg boards, which can be clipped together to make one larger board.

Using the diagrams provided, carefully take one bead at a time and place each bead onto the peg board, following the pattern to make one (or more) of the five pictures included. These are:

  • Baker – pink pig with a white hat and tunic top, grey trousers, carrying a multicoloured cake
  • Policeman – brown dog wearing his black helmet and jacket with grey trousers and carrying his truncheon.
  • Fireman – grey cat with his red suit edged in yellow and yellow fireman’s helmet carrying his axe and fireman’s hose
  • Handyman – brown mouse wearing his blue overalls over his green shirt, topped off with a red hat.  He’s carrying a saw and hammer.
  • Badger – wearing a blue tunic which matches his blue eyes, his grey trousers and has brown spiky hair.

Once you’ve mastered using the peg board and beads you can create patterns of your own.

Neatly folded at the bottom of the box you will find what looks like tracing paper – it’s actually ironing paper. Once your patterns are created simply run your iron (for Midi beads set the iron to the cotton setting  = ·· ) gently, in circular motions across the beads.

The bright colour of the beads will be come more visible through the ironing paper letting you know that the ironing time is finished..  Leave the design to cool before carefully removing the paper from the pegboard.

Please note that once ironed the beads cannot be used again.  However if you are careful the pegboard can be reused.


This product is not suitable for children age 3 and under

Ironing should only be done by an adult..

Have great fun with your new Busy Animals 3133 playset from Hama.


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