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Hamleys Toy Store sold to French Firm Groupe Ludendo

Toy store Hamleys sold to French Firm Groupe Ludendo for a sum of £60 Million.

Only July 10th 2012 we reported that Hamleys were thinking of selling to French Groupe Ludendo well today it has been confirmed that the toy giant sold for around 60 million pounds.

The family owned groupe Ludendo said it had added the 250 (we couldn’t possibly tell you Hamleys exact age that would be rude!) business to its portfolio of over 300 stores in five countries including France, Belgium, Switzerland and Spain.

Chairman Jean-Michel Grunberg said on Monday “Hamleys will give us the platform to accelerate our international development starting with the UK and into new markets,

We have the utmost respect for the Hamleys brand and heritage, as well as the unique interactive retail environment of fun, entertainment and theater that it has created,”
he said. “We have every intention of maintaining this unique brand and what it stands for, and building on its successful international development.”

Hamleys “the world’s most famous toy retailer” established by Cornishman William Hamley in London in 1760 is one of London’s more popular tourist attractions in the west end.

Featuring seven floors of toys you cant help but turning into a kid when you go inside!

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