Go Go Hamsters

Catch them if you can with 4 hamsters to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice-

choose from:

  • Chunk
  • Mr Squiggles
  • Num Nums
  • Pipsqueak

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Choose your Go Go Hamster

There are four Go Go Hamsters to collect together with a range of Go Go Hamsters accessories that ensure your Go Go Hamsters will never be short of fun activities to keep them occupied.

Each Go Go Hamster is a different colour, with its own individual markings and loveable personality.Go Go Hamsters are top christmas gifts 2010.

There are 4 Go Go Hamsters to choose from – which one will you choose?

Chunk, the laid back surfer Hamster has a big heart and an even bigger belly!

Mr Squiggles is the modern day Hamster Houdini! When he’s not hiding or playing tricks you’ll find him tumbling around in his little exercise ball.

Num Nums is shy but sweet and she’ll sneak her way into your heart with all her hamster kisses.

Pipsqueak is super sweet and smart, the braniac of the group.

Whichever of these gorgeous Go Go Hamsters you choose I would strongly advise you to BUY NOW as stocks of these top christmas gifts 2010 sold out quickly last year.

These new Go Go Hamsters, also known as Zhu Zhu Pets,are set to take the interactive toy market by storm. Go Go Hamsters are not just a standard plush toy.

Go Go Hamsters interact with their surroundings and come equipped with some technological wizardry which allows them to talk and navigate around your home.

Go Go Hamsters are affordable (priced at around the £10 mark ) and offer everything that your child will need to keep them amused and happy.

Go Go Hamster Reviews

If you already own a go go hamster please let us know exactly what you think of this toy.

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