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Has the UK gone Zingy Crazy?

For those who have been inhabiting another planet over the past month or so Zingy in the cute dancing bot used in the EDF energy advert.

Fans of this orange dancing bot with the huge eyes have been flooding social media channels with requests for information about where they can buy their own Zingy.

Unfortunately Zingy is not yet a real product – however with all the interest being shown it may just be a matter of time before he appears in stores.

Zingy was born on the 2nd April, 2012 and loves to sing and dance. He is featured on the new edf energy ads and was made by beatbots.

Looking remarkably like last year’s famous My Keepon the dancing yellow bot who was a blockbuster toy for Christmas 2011 from Wow Stuff.

Could Zingy, the robot with rhythm, be related to My Keepon?

Wow Stuff say that you could say Zingy is Keepon’s mischievous brother as he has been built using the same technology as My Keepon.

Originally designed by BeatBots this high tech little orange robot was taught to dance to different rhythms and at just over a month old he is already a YouTube sensation.

In underthechristmastree’s opinion Zingy is sure to be available to buy soon.

This is no longer available.

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