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Has VTech revived the Tamagotchi with the KidiPet Touch toys?

Did you own a Tamagotchi back in the day? Did you diligently remember to feed it before they bleeped themselves to death?

Vtech have put together KidiPet Touch, a range of electronic pets that could re ignite the Tamagotchi flame all over again.

This new techy range is aimed at children aged 4 and over and comes in three colours

  • Blue – Dog Version
  • Pink – Kitten Version
  • Orange – Pony Version

Just like the original the new Vtech KidiPet Touch has a central touch screen that shows your chosen pet and its mood.

You can interact with your KidiPet by feeding them and playing games etc; and by twisting the ring on the outside of the screen your pet can visit any one of six locations – including the vet!

Unlike the original Tamagotchi , the Vtech KidiPet helps teach children simple maths and how to stick to a budget by earning coins which they earn by treating their pet well and playing games with them. These coins can then be used to buy food for your pet.

A sensor situated on the edge of each KidiPet allows them to communicate with each other (which makes them happier) and a built in microphone allows children to train their pets to perform tricks.

Ideal size for little hands, will these be the Tamagotchi of 2013?

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