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Hasbro launch Monopoly Millionaire Mansion game on Facebook

Launching their very own Facebook game, Hasbro have announced Monopoly Millionaire Mansion by using Google Maps.

Unlike the real Monopoly game you wont need a dice, paper money or the little hat thimble, which might we add, is our favourite as you can now log into Facebook and play online.

Not officially a Facebook game you can log into your account connect with other players in a location based game by using Google maps.

Once you have connected, players can choose a real-life permanent location on which to build a mansion but just as you would expect its first come first served – so you better hurry up for your prime location.

You can then build up your dream mansion by unlocking new mansions and more expensive items to decorate with – only if it was that easy in real life!

As you make your way to the top, players will be asked trivia questions and be able to visit other mansions to earn as many points as they can. You will be able to own up to three mansions and according to Mashable, monopoly millionaire mansion players can build on 203 billion plots of land with 22 different mansion designs and 74 luxurious accessories, you are going to need a lot of muscles and stamina to do this!

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