Hasbro Littlest Pet Shop Pretty Pairs

These cute little pet friends, from Hasbro, come in pairs. Ideal for ages 4 and over these make good “pocket money” toys. We were kindly sent this to review.

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      • measure around 1½inches  high
      • suitable for ages 4+
      • plastic
      • manufactured by Hasbro
      • accessories
      • Available from AMAZON UK

Children will love collecting all the different pairs and their fancy designs and added glitter make them all the more wanted.

Each pack contains two plastic pet friends which measure around 1½” high, with accessories to add to their collection.

Littlest Pet Shop Centipede and Dragonfly (#2145 & #2146)

Centipede and Dragonfly just want to play with you and this cute pair are dressed for the occasion.

The pretty pink centipede has lime green antennae topped off with red glitter she has glittery turquoise markings down her body and she’s smiling as she waits to play. Her big black eyes are rimmed with purple and her head wobbles when she moves.

Her friend the dragonfly, who also has a wobbly head, is a much darker pink and has orange wings and dark pink and orange sections on its tail.

Sporting mint green flowers on its head which perfectly matches the coloured rims of its eyes and the leaf accessory which comes with the pack.

Littlest Pet Shop Sea Turtle and Corgie (#2149 & #2150)

These two friends are ready for the beach and have brought along their bucket and space ready to make some sand castles.

Corgie is pretty sure that its going to be sunny today and has put on a striking deep pink hat which is perfectly styled not to hamper those cute brown ears that peep through the top.

Corgie is brown and has white feet, a white neck, nose and the tip of its tail is also white. Corgies cute big eyes are edged in blue.

Sea Turtle is ready to impress all who look in its direction. As you would expect the Sea Turtle is lime green and has a darker green shell which has darker green glitter on it and pink glitter patches on its head.

Both have wobbly heads.

Littlest Pet Shop Bunny and Guinea Pig (#2147 & #2148)

This pretty pair of collectible pets comes with 2 accessories – a Blue Tiara and a Pink Birthday Cake.

little Bunny has sparkle a plenty with pink glittery highlights around her cute blue rimmed eyes, a glittery heart shape between her long cream and pink ears, a cute little pink button nose and a pink heart shaped tummy and tail.

Guinea Pig is tan and cream and has cute little pink feet and paws, a cute pink hear shaped nose and pink ears topped off with brown hair.

The question is which of these two wobbly headed pets is having a birthday? Someone’s brought along a three tier pink birthday cake with a white candle on top as well as a blue tiara.

Littlest Pet Shop Shark and Octopus (#2139 & #2140)

This special edition Shark and Octopus pets come with a pink chest where you can store the pretty pink ring which is also included.

Pretty pink Octopus has gone glitter mad and has added sparkle to her eyebrows and to each of her eight legs.

Definitely ready to party she’s also added a red bow with a sparkly star in the centre.

Shark looks cool in blue and with his big, black, blue rimmed eyes he doesn’t need glitter to stand out in the crowd.

These two friends will certainly be one you’ll want to collect!

With lots more in the range these Littlest Pet Shop Pretty Pairs are a fun sized toy that can be taken along for play anytime. Kids aged 4 and over will love adding to their collection of these pets – each of which can also be purchased separately.

This is no longer available.

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