Hasbro My Little Pony

These cute Little Ponies just love to have fun and would love to be your best friend. We were kindly sent this to review.

Each features:

  • stands around 3″ high
  • comes with friend
  • accessories included
  • cutie mark
  • suitable for age 3+

Each cute little Pony stands around 3 inches high and each has a beautifully coloured mane.

They also have their own Cutie Mark on their side and each comes along with a friend and accessories.

Suitable for children aged 3+ these adorable Ponies are just waiting to play with you.

My Little Pony Dewdrop Dazzle

This beautiful little pony is ready to take part in all of your adventures and has brought along her friend the duck, who is happy to ride in the pink wagon that Dewdrop Dazzle pulls.

Their favourite game is splashing in puddles when it rains and afterwards loves to have her long, brightly coloured mane combed with the pink comb.

No wonder Dewdrop dazzle’s cutie mark is an umbrella.

Add Dewdrop Dazzle to your my Little Pony herd and take Dewdrop and duck with you wherever you go.

My Little Pony Sugarcup

Always ready to play this little pink cutie loves to spend time with you and friend the racoon.

Sugarcup comes with a yellow saddle which can be worn on her back. Racoon loves to sit in it as they go on one of their adventures.

Her brightly coloured mane is perfect for combing with the pink comb

Sugarcup loves to bake treats to share with friends no wonder there’s a cupcake as a cutie mark.

This pretty, little pony has such a happy face and is always ready to join in your games, why not add it to your collection.

With so many of these cute Little Ponies in the range why not start your own collection – each one is different and available to purchase separately.

Start your own herd of My Little Ponies with the selection above.

This is no longer available.

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