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Have A Cheesy Christmas!

Over Christmas we all like to indulge ourselves a little bit.   Cheese is always a firm favourite of ours for over the festive season which is why it’s important you have all the right things to go with it. We were kindly sent these to review.

We earn a commission for products purchase through some links in this article.

Mad Millie “Italian Cheese Kit” is premium handcrafted cheese kit allows you to create your very own cheese in less than 24 hours.

This cheese kit can make 5 different cheeses but will make up enough for 10 batches of cheese. The cheese that you can make in this kit is: Fresh Italian Mozzarella and Bocconcini (approx 600g/batch), Ricotta (approx 400g/batch), Ricotta Salata (approx 100g/batch), Burrata and Mascarpone (approx 700g/batch).

Mad Millie’s Italian Cheese Kit is suitable for vegetarians and has no artificial flavours or preservatives. The kit includes Small Ricotta Mould with Draining Container,Vegetarian Rennet Tablets (10), Cheese Salt, Cheese Cloth, Citric Acid, Pipette, Calcium Chloride, Steriliser, Stainless Steel Thermometer, Kit Instructions and Recipes.

You can get MadMillie’s from QVC which is where you can buy this Italian Cheese Making Kit. You can also find a helpful FAQ guide to answer any problems you may have and you can find reviews of MadMillies there too!

You can’t have cheese without the crackers, which is why we couldn’t forget to include our favourites – Jacobs!

Jacobs always have some stunning varieties of crackers that are ideal for teaming with Cheese.

Jacob’s Biscuits for Cheese have lots of different variety’s to choose from in the box. There are 6 different types of cracker
to pick from there are Cheddar’s which are made with real cheddar cheese, Digestives which are sweeter than the other crackers and is a biscuit rather than cracker, Choice Grain which are made with wheat bran, kibbled wheat & rye and barley flakes, Jacobs Classic Cream Crackers which are carefully baked using simple quality ingredients, Jacob’s Water Biscuits which have been baked to give a light and crisp texture and Savours Bakes which are crunchy, oven baked wheat crackers which have been seasoned with salt and cracked black pepper.  All of items in this Jacobs Assortment are suitable for vegetarians.

The Biscuits For Cheese selection pack is definitely one of our favourites – we spend most of our time making sure we get the water biscuits!

You can buy Jacobs Biscuits For Cheese at Tesco

Also released from Jacobs are the party snacks. Cheeselets are our favourite ones (those cheesy little treats get us everytime!)

They have been given a festive makeover and are called “Trees-lets” for Christmas and are all shaped like Christmas Trees but as soon as the festive season is over they won’t be seen again until next year!

These oven-baked treats are full of cheesey flavour and just melt in your mouth the minute you eat one and we know for a fact that we will be nibbling on these over the festive season.

You can buy Jacob’s Treeselets at Tesco

Sticking with snacks, the new Jacobs ‘Oddities’ are the perfect  snack to put into a little bowl for festive parties or if you’re anything like us, to snack on when you’re watching ELF on the television!

These come in a few different flavours such as Cheese, Salt and Vinegar, Smokey Bacon and more.  There are lots of fun shapes such as a duck, camera, fish and for the Christmas season there are festive themed Oddities such as Santa, Presents and Ho Ho Ho printed on the biscuit.

You can buy Jacobs Oddities at Tesco

Back to the main event – The cheese! We here at UTCT are huge cheese lovers so when we were sent some from Sainsbury‘s to try, we were only too happy to oblige! Every year Sainsburys Taste The Difference Cheese never fail to impress us with their range of flavours and there is a cheese to suit everyone.

Included in the Taste the Difference pack are five different cheese’s including French Brie, French Goats Cheese, West Country Farmhouse Cheddar, mature Stilton and Shropshire red.

The French Goats Cheese is mild and creamy and has a sweet, lemon flavour. Shropshire Red is a rich cheese with a taste of caramel through it and leaves a  lingering taste in the mouth. The mature Stilton tastes exactly how Stilton should taste, slightly tangy and has a creamy texture.

All of the cheeses are creamy to taste and are every bit the Christmas luxury we love. Each of these Taste The Difference Cheese’s are full of flavour and there is a decent amount of each cheese in the box. These would go lovely with any crackers/savoury biscuits and a nice glass of wine or port.

To top off the yummy-ness of all the cheese, you can’t beat some jam or Chutneys. The Bay Tree Food Company have a few packs of both sweet and savoury selections that will top off your cheese-mas perfectly.

Included in one of the packs are seven different jars including Cranberry Sauce, Spicy Tomato Chutney, Onion Marmalade, Cider & Horseradish Mustard, Raspberry Jam, Morello Cherry Jam and Whisky Marmalade.  Jam’s and Chutneys can really give that extra kick of flavour to cheese and biscuits.

No cheese and biscuits are complete without some chutneys as these compliment the flavours of the cheese and biscuits.

Galloway Lodge’s Mulled Cranberry Chutney has been made in Scotland and is a deep rich red in colour and tastes stunning. Add in the juice of an orange and a dollop of honey to turn this Cranberry Sauce into a real special treat which will be packed full of flavour. This chutney can also be eaten with cold ham or have it on your turkey sandwiches!

Galloway Lodge Raspberry & Redcurrant Jam has been cooked gently by hand in small pans over an open flame to caramelize the two jams and the sugar together to give it a thick texture and this jam has real fruit pieces in it to give it extra flavour. This can be used in place of chutney and would go great with cheddar cheese and some tasty grapes.

Galloway Lodge offer a wife range of preserves and lots of different flavours such as Raspberry & Heather jam, Mango & Chilli chutney, Peach chutney, Cranberry & Port jelly, Mustard and lots more, so there is a jam, jelly and chutney to suit everyone’s taste buds!

This feature is definitely making our stomachs rumble!

We think that with all these delicious foods you will have a very merry Cheese-mas indeed! Let us know in the comments below what your favourite cheeses are!

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