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Have a frightfully fun Halloween party for kids

Looking to throw a spook-tacular kids party for Halloween? Well before the haunting begins, why not sink your teeth into some of these ideas.

It’s that time of the year again, when you need to start preparing not just for Christmas but for one of the most wicked months of them all Halloween. This year you can decorate your home and throw the ultimate hocus pocus kids party around.

Let’s eat, drink and be scary with these fun children’s party ideas below.

1. It’s all about the spine-chilling accessories.  From napkins, paper plates to the cups and even little plastic spiders decorating the table where the frightful-food will get your children into a devilishly fun mood.

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2. Hair-Rising home decorations.   It won’t just be the kids who love to decorate the home, making it all spooky and supernatural but once you get started we bet you go over-kill and before you know it skeletons will be hanging on the wall and spiders hanging from the door ways. Fun and simple banners will turn any room into an eerie old house.

3. Thrilling Treats.  You can’t throw a party without some fake eyeball sweets, vampire cupcakes and a few cobweb cakes, but what makes the difference is the finishing touches, you could put cupcakes in Halloween themed cases, create a dark hole where kids have to put their hands in to grab some sweets or our personal favourite a dip with carrot fingers sticking out – we really got Mandy with that one last year!

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4. Music.  Nothing beats the sound of howling wolves, booing ghosts and rattling to put a little fun fear into your room. You can download music for free or head to Amazon and get your iPod ready.

Click Here to see Amazon.co.uk  Halloween music downloads.

Your Halloween children’s party will be horrifically good with these how to’s, tips and ideas.

If you have any other tricks or treats on how to decorate your home for the spooky month, comment below and share with UnderTheChristmasTree and others.

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