Have A Historical Adventure This Christmas With Lydia Your Georgian Girl

Go through a historical  adventure with A Girl for All Time, who will not only be cherished for years to come but will also teach children how British girls lived in different eras. We were kindly sent this to review.

Arriving in her gorgeous A Girls For All Time box, Lydia, was on display for us all in the office to ooh and ahh over, here is what we thought of this award-winning doll:

Looking at the box, which is like a present all on it’s own, it is adorned with butterflies and leaves all in soft pastel colours, with Lydia and all of her accessories on show for us to see.

There are four historical girls to collect including Matilda, Amelia, Clementine and our beautiful Lydia.

As we opened the box (which we did oh so very carefully as it’s so pretty) the doll was securely packaged with clear ties, you will need an adult to cut these off.  Lydia is dressed in a soft yellow gown with lace sleeves, she has gorgeous peach roses down the front and a rose trimmed bodice.

As she is a Georgian girl, you will expect to see delicate ballet flat shoes on her feet, white stockings on her legs and to keep her warm her undergarments – Daughters of History who created the historical dolls have really thought of it all!

Lydia’s long, glossy locks are something to be admired – she would certainly “be worth it” in today’s L’Oreal adverts and if she does have a bad hair day, you can place her pretty, matching hat on her head – we just wonder where we could get it in adult size.

As you untie Lydia, you will notice on the box, a small story which tells you all about her in italic writing – already sparking  your imagination, we can see children who want more of an intelligent play will adore their new best friend.  As you pick her up (she is very light) you can move her legs and arms as she is fully poseable. Take Lydia with you wherever you go, perfect when visiting friends and family at Christmas.

Each doll comes with it’s own accessories and Lydia is no different, enclosed with the doll is her delicate rose trimmed hat and booklet.

As mentioned before there are four dolls to collect each coming from a different era for example Lydia is a Georgian doll, Amelia is a Victorian doll and Clementine is your 1940’s girl, each has their own story, outfits and adventures.  Helping to bring education to play time, kids age 7+ will embrace history, run wild with their imagination and enjoy traditional play all at once.

You are never to old or young to learn something new and here in the UTCT Head quarters we spoke not only about the doll but about Georgian times in general, which showed us just exactly how easy it was to learn and take part,
all by just playing with A Girl For All Time.

Capturing the imaginations of toy experts (ahem and Christmas experts!) A Girl For All Time has won the Award of Excellence by Dolls Magazine for two years running!

Lydia is the latest release from A Girl For All Time however 2015 will see the release of Olivia Your Restoration Girl and Elinor your Elizabethan Doll – we simply cannot wait.

You can find out more information about A Girl For All Time at and you can also buy from

Have you collected any of these dolls?  Share your thoughts below!

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