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Have an interest free Christmas with Asda

Asda to draw in Christmas shoppers with it’s new interest free credit card deal. The catch? You need to spend £200 on it’s website just to qualify.

Asda Direct, which sells everything from electrical to furniture and gifts has jumped to a 60 per cent increase in customers and now it is  likely to gain even more with the Asda Money Credit Card which allows customers who spend more than £200 in one go on its Asda Direct a six months 0%  credit card.

Would you spend this amount of money in one go? Or would this make you spend way over your budget just to be able to get the interest free offer?

If like us, you want to try and spread the cost of Christmas as early as possible then this can be useful as there is no specific limited time for you to make use of the card, so if you are looking to make a few big purchases all at once on Asda Direct this could benefit you.

‘We launched the credit card to help dedicated Asda shoppers to achieve real, everyday savings on their shopping and our new 0 per cent deal makes it an even better offer. While families should of course make sure they don’t break the bank when it comes to Christmas spending, we know that sometimes they need a bit of help and this offer should give them the peace of mind they need.‘ said Kirsty Ward head of Asda Money.

Would you spend two hundred pounds on Asda Direct? Do you think this is a good deal? Let us know your thoughts below.

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