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Have Fun And Learn With Peppa’s Play & Learn Smart Watch

UnderTheChristmasTree were kindly sent Peppa’s Play & Learn Smart Watch to review, take a look at what we thought of this watch.

Firstly the packaging is bright, colourful and highlights some of the features that the watch has. Removing the watch was really easy, we simply opened the sides up and it popped out without any problems.

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Inside the box is the Peppa’s Play & Learn Smart Watch, Instructions and the USB charger. The watch itself is fairly light on our wrists and after opening up the instructions manual we could easily see all of the features that it had to offer. To turn on the watch, simply press the home button and Peppa will be on your screen showing you all options and features it has to offer.

There is Games , Tools & Settings and Voice Recorder, we started off with the settings where we could set the time and customise the clock, set the volume, brightness, clock background and there was even an option to set an alarm clock if we wanted it – great for those early mornings.

Next we gave the voice recorder a try, pressing the voice recording feature on the main menu and selecting the middle button (which looked like a circle) press OK and it began recording – Holly sang part of Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree.  Once finished simply press the OK button and the recording will stop.  We wanted Holly to sound a little different so using the voice effect we changed it up and had to listen – she sounded better!

It was of course time to play a few of the games, selecting the games icon we were greeted with nine different games to play, including: Find the matching object, Find the odd one out, Numbers, Who is this?, Music time, Memory, Find the first letter, Alphabet discovery and The shaker. We tried to play a few of the games such as The shaker, Numbers and Who Is This which were a lot of fun and can see kids ages 3 years and over will have hours of laughs playing, especially over Christmas.

Overall we thought Peppa’s Play & Learn Smart Watch was fun and very educational for children. The watch can help teach the time and with all of the games can help improve maths skills, alphabet skills, memory and much more.

You can buy Peppa’s Play Learn Smart Watch for £34.99 at Argos.co.uk

Will this Peppa’s Play & Learn Smart Watch be on your child’s Christmas list this year? Comment below and let us know.

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