Have parents gone potty mad for ipads?

The new iPotty to help parents train their kids to use their potty.

Are you cringing? or shouting hoorah! that someone has put tech and toilet together? either way the iPotty has arrived and we think it’s likely to stay!

Introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show at the start of 2013 iPotty has had parents both loving and hating the idea of a training potty which holds your ipad for both horizontal to vertical viewing.

Featuring everything you wold expect from a training potty – an inner bowl for easy cleaning, splash-guard for limiting mess and a great design to fit children as young as 18 months comfortably, but that’s not what makes this iPotty the techiest place to have a pee as this also features:

  • 360-degree rotating case, for different viewing on the iPad
  • iPad stand that has three different positions to “comfortably fit each child’s level and preference”
  • clear screen protector to prevent “smudges and little messy accidents.” – Let’s say no more on that subject!

Most parents who have potty trained a child…or two, will know the hardest part of getting them to use the toilet is to stay on it long enough to actually go, this is where iPotty may help, as kids will play the ipad all the while staying on the potty long enough for them to actually use it.

The downfall however if you are already trying to limit the amount of time your child already spends on your iPad, the iPotty may encourage it.

Being released in the United States at around $40, there has been no release date yet confirmed for the United Kingdom, however we can assume its only a matter of time.

Have parents gone iPad mad with the new invention by company, CTA Digital or is this a fantastic way to encourage young children to use the potty?

Either way only time and bladder capacity will tell if kids will use this – let’s just hope Apple covers “little accidents” in it’s warranty.

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