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Healthy Lunchbox Snacks

Finding healthy lunchbox snacks can be a task. Every child has different tastes and preferences, and a lot of time its easier just to give them a bag of crisps as a snack! We were kindly sent these to review.

Here, we’ve put together a list of healthy lunchbox snacks to make things easier for both you, and your children!

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As we mentioned, every child has different tastes and preferences.   If we force something on our children (like their veggies!) it’s likely they will be put off of eating them in future, whereas if we let them eat whatever they want, its likely we’ll be making hundreds of visits to the dentist!

There are a few healthy lunchbox snacks your child will enjoy without putting up too much of a fuss.

Munchy Seeds

Now you may be thinking “my kids will not eat seeds while everyone else is eating crisps!” but these aren’t any old seeds! These are the perfect snack. All flavours are free from artificial colourings and preservatives.

The honey seeds are delicious and are actually quite sweet. Included in the mix is honey roasted sunflower seeds and Pumpkin seeds.  You can also choose different flavours such as chilli flavour, choccy with apricot and choccy with chilli and ginger.

We personally LOVE Munchy Seeds and think they are a fantastic alternative to crisps. If you would like more information, or would like to buy munchy seeds, head on over to www.munchyseeds.co.uk .

Fruit And Nut Mix

Many supermarkets are now stocking packs of healthy fruit and nuts that look like a bag of crisps.  This is a healthy and nutritious snack and your children will love the soft and sweet taste of the fruit, against the crunchy savoury taste of the nuts.

Boxes Of Raisins

Packs of raisins are really handy for packed lunches, they are inexpensive and really add some nutrients to your childs lunchbox.


You can either wrap up two or three dry cream crackers or you can buy small packs of crackers for lunchboxes at your local supermarket.  Children love munching on something crunchy and crackers are low in fat and sugar meaning your children can munch away to their hearts content.

Snack Bars

 You can get some really healthy ‘snack bars‘ from health food stores, many are  under 50 calories and have no added sugar! You can even get some decent alternatives from your local supermarkets.

Carrot Sticks

 You can cut up some carrots for your kids packed lunch or buy small packs of carrot sticks. Like we mentioned earlier, kids love to munch on something crunchy and carrots as we all know are exceptionally healthy and will really help to make your child feel fuller until lunch or dinner time.

The basic rule is that anything that requires no attention will likely be eaten. Anything that needs to be peeled, like an orange or have the core thrown away such as an apple will likely be left in the lunchbox. If you make it easy to be healthy, your child will usually respond well and enjoy their healthy lunchbox.

What tips do you have for making healthy lunchbox snacks? Comment below and let us know.

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