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Holiday In The UK

Many of us choose to stay in the UK for our annual holiday because it is so convenient especially with a young family.

Children tend not to like unfamiliar foods and a change of their daily routine can make them very unhappy.

Cost is always high on our list of priorities and going abroad for the holidays often costs hundreds of pounds.  Then there are all the essentials you need to take with you – extra clothing to buy for the hot weather and loads of sun cream for  the children’s skin.

Taking your annual holiday in the UK will be cheaper and probably much less stressful for all – unfortunately we can’t guarantee the sunshine!

There are loads of fantastic places to visit around the UK and our beaches are great too.

Caravan holiday parks are a very popular choice – they’re a home away from home and with all their belongings around them the children will settle quickly too.

Get back to nature at one of the UK’s forest park holidays such as Center Parcs where you can safely cycle, walk and spend time in your chalet home.

Visit places of historical interest – take a trip to Scotland and spend time searching for the Loch Ness Monster or head down to the Cornwall/Devon coast where you’re most likely to find quirky shops and restaurants with assistants who will be more than happy to chat for a while.

If city visits are for you then take a trip to London and visit the large number of tourist attractions that are there or hop on a boat and visit Ireland where you’re sure of a warm a friendly welcome.

A holiday in the UK is a great way for all of us to find out more about the places and people that are on our small island, and a tank full of petrol still costs much less than a plane ticket.

Will you be having your holiday in the UK this year? Comment below and let us know.

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