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HoMedics Elle Macpherson Wet and Dry Body Brush

Who wouldn’t love the toned curves that Elle ‘the body’ Macpherson has? At 50 years old she still has the toned frame that those half her age would adore.

We were delighted to be sent the HoMedics Elle Macpherson Wet and Dry Body Brush, anything that can make our skin look as toned as she does is well worth putting through its paces.

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The HoMedics Elle Macpherson Wet and Dry Body Brush is available from Amazon.

As the eldest (and the one with most sags and bags) we happily passed this over to Elaine – could she look anything like Elle by the end of her trial – we just had to wait and see. This is what she had to say about the Elle Macpherson Wet and Dry Body Brush:

‘Looking much more like her grandmother than Elle herself this kit is going to have to work miracles and include more than a few nips and tucks for me to look anything like her, however I am keen to see if I can improve the appearance of my skin.

I have to admit to being one of people who only moisturise when somebody forces a moisturiser into my hand, so things can only get better.  I thought the quote from Abraham Lincoln on box was a nice touch.

“In the end, it is not the years in your life that count.

It is the life in your years.”

Since the wet and dry brush is waterproof and could be used both in and out of the shower or bath – I opted for a hot shower, but before hopping into the shower I took a look at the instruction leaflet.

I was impressed by the fact that the four batteries required were actually included (this is one of my biggest gripes-other manufacturers take note!) I found it a little difficult to remove the cover from the battery compartment but as it’s waterproof that’s probably a positive rather than a negative point.

After putting in the batteries, (you’ll find the + & – signs on the front of the brush) I added the Cactus Dry Brush attachment and set about exfoliating my skin. This brush is for dry use only and has all natural bristles to exfoliate and stimulate the skin, I did feel a bit of a warm glow when I’d finished using it.

That done I was ready to hop into my steaming, hot shower. Next up was the loofah -following the instructions I firstly wet it and added a little of my favourite shower gel before turning it on and as it rotated I worked from the top to the bottom of my body for an all over body cleanse and exfoliation,  finishing, as advised, at the ankles. A quick rinse with cool water and I certainly felt the difference.

Time for my face to get a little TLC and after removing the Loofah attachment I removed all make up and rinsed my face before attaching the Facial Brush, this can be used either in or out of the shower but must be wet. Working the brush in gentle circular motions is designed to give your face a deep clean and I did feel quite a difference when it was completed.

All that was left to try was the Pumice Stone which exfoliates both the heels and soles of the feet. This attachment can be used either wet or dry on softened feet and like all of the attachments, work in a circular motion, do be careful not to slip when in the shower.

I rinsed off all the attachments and removed the batteries from the handle and packed everything carefully back into its box ready to be used again in the not to distant future.  I was surprised to find that I actually felt more relaxed and my skin was absolutely glowing – it’s quite a while since I looked this healthy.

Did I look anything like as good as Ms Macpherson – huh! don’t make me laugh – of course not, but my skin did look loads better than before I started and I’ll certainly use it again.

Do you regularly give your skin a full workout?  Get in touch below and share your beauty regime secrets with others.

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