Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower Track Set

Kids are going to love this wall mounted tower of fun. The Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower track set features:

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  • Motorised elevator
  • Chomping monster
  • Hot wheels car
  • Suitable for age 4+
  • available from

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower Track Set

Will your hot wheels vehicle reach the top of the tower or will it fall into the moving saw and get ‘eaten’ by the car-chomping monster? Take your car stunt play to a whole new level with the exciting Power Tower Track Set.

This set is a new addition to the popular Hot Wheels wall tracks range and like the others in the range is wall mounted which means little or no tidying up after play. Inside the box you will find a coloured poster featuring images of track, cars, crashes, and bystanders which when put on the wall acts as a great backdrop for the game.

The Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower features a swirling motorized elevator that lifts Hot Wheels cars to the top of the set for continuous play. Other Hot Wheels vehicles are available to buy separately and you can load up to 12 cars at once on this exciting wall mounted track set.

In the centre of the tower there is an elevator which turns around and lifts the Hot Wheels cars to the ramp at the top. Once there the cars can go off in two different directions and whizz down through the jaws of the chomping monster.

Will your cars survive? With the right speed and skill, your car can safely return to the Power Tower elevator for more thrilling go-rounds or will you be hit by the moving saw blade?

Those that get “eaten” fall through the trapdoor to the trash heep while safe cars continue back up the elevator for another round.

The Hot Wheels Power tower is fairly easy to put together and simple to attach to the wall using the strong strips from 3M, which are designed not to damage walls. Requires 2x D batteries which are not included..

The Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower is compatible with some Hot Wheels sets and vehicles.

What’s inside the Hot Wheels Power Tower box?

  • Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower
  • 1 die cast car
  • one poster for wall mounting
  • Four hanging brackets
  • Command strips from 3M.

Specifications for Hot Wheels Power

  • Product Dimensions: 60.7 x 38 x 8 cm
  • Boxed Weight: 1.8 Kg
  • Suitable for age 4+
  • Batteries required 2 x D,

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