Hot Wires

Start building! whether you build a burglar alarm or even just a flying disc the Hot wires electronic set will let you put your imagination to the test.

    • Over 100 exciting experiments
    • Involves light, sound and movement
    • Suitable for ages 8 years +
    • available from

New from John Adams is Hot Wires the ultimate in snap together electronic toys.

Follow the simple easy to use instructions and you can build anything from a flying disc to a burglar alarm, voice recorder, FM radio or even a lie detector.

Become an electronics wizard with the new Hot Wires Electronic Set.

The Hot Wires set comes with a collection of over 100 experiments which involve light, sound and movement. Not only fun but educational as well as this kit supports the National Curriculum by encouraging children to discover more about electronics through play experiences.

This is the ultimate snap together set and Hot Wires is suitable for ages 8 and over.

What’s inside the Box?

Below is a list of information on what you will receive when your Hot Wires electronic set toy arrives at your home

      • Transparent assembly work station
      • Fuses
      • Connectors
      • Buzzer
      • Touch plate
      • Switches
      • Photo resistor
      • LEDs
      • Battery units
      • Loud speaker
      • Sound ICs
      • Motor unit
      • Propeller
      • Antenna coil
      • Lamp
      • Bulb
      • Microphone
      • Power amp IC
      • Resistors
      • Capacitors
      • Transistors
      • FM high frequency IC
      • Diode
      • Recording IC
      • Full colour instructions

Specifications for Hot Wires Electronics set

Searching for Hot Wires technical details and specifications? Below is a list of information on this kids toys details.

      • Created by John Adams
      • Suitable for ages 8 years and up
      • Product Dimensions: (L)44.50cm (W)9.00cm (H)35.00cm

John Adams Hot Wires Reviews

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