How are you celebrating Christmas Day?

Are you sitting by a roaring fire with family? or are you abroad soaking up the sun?

Every family across the land will celebrate Christmas in many different ways, some will be with family others maybe be abroad. It is fair to say that most family’s who have young children will be tearing into presents left by Santa clause in the morning and having to clean the mess of wrapping paper for days to come.

As the Christmas day feast approaches will you be sitting down to listen to the Queen’s message? Does the head of the family carve the turkey? or will you be eating out with friends? we can assume either way the day will be filled with cheer and merriment.

After dinner and everyone is ready to have just a little 10 minutes snooze on the sofa (until around an hour or so later and your starving again) do the kids wake you up to play games? or are they too having 10 minutes? It seems everyone has their own way of spending the day with different traditions.

Tell us how you are celebrating the day and what traditions you and the family have on the big day? simply submit your comments using the comments box below.

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