How many can you mind?

Deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg is rumored to be blocking the coalition’s plan to allow childcare providers to mind more children per adult, meaning minders could look after up to six children, could you do this?

The Liberal Democrat leader said over phone on LBC radio that looking after four two-year old’s was already “quite a handful” but taking care of six would be a “challenge”, and it seems he’s not the only parent to think this, as The Pre-School Learning Alliance, which represents early years childcare providers, called the changes to ratios a “recipe for disaster”.

However not everyone has the same doubts as the Conservative education minister has supported the new policy.

We all know how temperamental children can be and how much you need to keep a close eye on them.  With the new policy can you imagine the chaos of mess if glitter in introduced at playtime or is this just all part of the fun?

Do you think you could mind more than four children at one time?  or do feel this may be a problem?  Tell us your thoughts using our comments box below:

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