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How To Become A Vegetarian

Thinking about giving up meat but not too sure where to start or do you just want to introduce more vegetarian options into your diet?

Take a look at these tips to help you on your way to having a meat-free diet.

1. Try and decide on some clear steps – Some people who are trying to give up or reduce their meat intake start by giving up red meat first then white meat and then fish. Whatever pattern you want to follow, make sure that you have a clear promise to yourself that you want to take the next step. It may even help to set yourself a finish date and targets and work towards it.

2. Introduce more vegetable and vegetarian food into your diet – Introducing more vegetarian foods while giving up meat can help make the transition easier as the more vegetarian foods that you find that you like the less likely you are to go back to eating meat.

3. Eat vegetarian food at the weekend – You are more likely to reach your goal of being a full time veggie if you introduce it into your weekdays and weekend routines.

4. Increase your knowledge – Find out about vegetarian nutrition to make sure that you get a balanced diet and stay healthy.

5. Experiment with food – Becoming a vegetarian can open up a whole new word of cooking with different ingredients, cooking styles and cuisines.

6. Tell your family and friends what your trying to do – By telling your family and friends, they will give the support and encouragement you need to see becoming a full-time vegetarian right through to the end

7. Be proud of what your doing – Its a great achievement reaching your goal and you should be proud of yourself.

What are your tips to becoming a vegetarian? Comment below and let us know.

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