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How To Cater For Everyone On Christmas Day

There is always so much to do on Christmas Day and one of the biggest dilemmas is when visitors turn up who don’t eat this, don’t like that or simply cant eat much or for some and most of us eat way to much – pass us that last sprout! We were kindly sent the below products to review.

Catering for all guest’s will leave you feeling as burnt out as that last crisped potato, so UnderTheChristmasTree has put together a Christmas table which (we hope) can accommodate just about everyone.

Below are a few options on what and how to keep everyone Jolly on Christmas Day:

1 Let’s get started with the centrepiece – The Turkey! For us a festive feast just wouldn’t be the same without one, but as we only eat white meat having an alternative also gives us more option.

Tesco gave UnderTheChristmasTree a selection of it’s new Christmas range including the Bronze Turkey 5.0kg which is to feed six people, however if you have big eaters at the table this could easily feed more as it did us! Priced at £20 we cooked for around four hours, however this is just to taste as the recommend time is 3 hours and 18 mins, make sure to defrost the turkey before cooking.  Here is what the turkey looked like after cooking for around 2 and a half hours:

For a vegetarian option Tesco sent us through a Vegetarian Society Approved Wild Mushroom Chestnut and Stilton Roast from its finest range and unlike many other veggie roast we have had (which have been a bit bland and dry) these were bursting full of flavor and you could really taste the cheese and apricots.  The roast’s are the perfect option for vegetarian and also a great alternative if you are trying to eat a little healthier over the festive period as these only have 240kcal in each one – Seconds please!

For best results you should cook from frozen in a pre-heated oven for around 25-30 mins, we cooked ours for about half an hour and it came out golden brown and smelling delicious.

2. A selection of vegetables and potatoes including carrots, peas and of course brussel  sprouts, to make christmas day dinner just a little easier you could buy Tesco’s new roast vegetables and potatoes mix

3.  Pate’s, Dips and Chutneys.  We couldn’t have set the table and not put out these, it seems more and more companies are producing Christmas based delights! They go great on any plate especially as an alternative to cranberry sauce or simply just to slap onto a piece of bread for turkey.

On our table we had Castle Maclellan’s Cold smoked, hot smoked and poached Salmon Terrine, which if you love fish should make top priority on your food shopping list, the terrine which is part of it’s new collection really is smooth and you can taste the cheese and horseradish but it doesn’t over power it.

Chicken Liver and pork fat pate with brandy went perfect on a slice of crusty bread and even better on some oatcakes after the big dinner. Again not to over powering but you can really taste the apple and brandy giving it that christmas feel.

The list above will and should cater for just about everyone – not matter how much they eat, or don’t! if they are vegetarian or are trying to stay healthy or if like us just want to try everything on the  table – Christmas day should be as easy as getting rid of those sprouts!

To buy the products listed above simply click on the links below:

  • Tesco Bronze Turkey
  • Tesco Finest 2 Wild Mushroom Chestnut & Stilton Roast
  • Tesco Cava Reserva Brut 75Cl
  • Tesco Roast Vegetable & Potatoes Mix 750G
  • Castle Mclellans Cold smoked, hot smoked and poached Salmon Terrine
  • Castle Maclellan Chicken Liver and pork fat pate with brandy
  • East India’s Mrs Clements English Mustard
  • The English Provender selection of chutneys

How do you cater for everyone on Christmas Day?  Share your thoughts and comments below.

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