How To Cut Down Your Food Bill

With the rising costs in the household, we take a look at a few tips to help cut down the cost of your food bill.

1. Check the cupboards & make a list before you go – Doing this will stop you buying something because your not sure if you need it or not.

2. Plan out your meals for the week – Try and set out what meals you are likely to be having throughout the week and write down exactly what you are likely to need

3. Try and shop around – don’t just stick with one supermarket try a couple of them as they all have different offers on, different brands etc which can save you a bit of money

4. Try shopping online – When you go in-store to a supermarket there are always things that you buy that you don’t even need and are more inclined to put them into our trolley so to avoid the temptation of buying unnecessary items and
buy online as you are less likely to buy things that you don’t really need and save us money

5. Use vouchers – Many supermarkets offer money off coupons, discount vouchers which can be redeemed when you go to the checkout, you can sometimes find these in newspapers, magazines or they can sometimes come through the post

6. Try and be quick in the supermarket – They are designed so that we have to go to past the expensive aisles first and are therefore more temped to go and buy something or they move products around so you have to go up and down most of the aisle looking for your product so try and be as quick as you can

7. Try and eat before you go – if you go when your feeling hungry you are more likely to buy some chocolate, sweets or crisps so try and eat something before you go so your less inclined to by extra or stopping by their in-store cafe

8. Make meals in advance that you freeze – Make things such as a casserole, homemade soup, lasagna, Shepard pie, curry, stews etc, so if your making it one night your the dinner why not make a double batch and freeze half of it for another time

These are just a few tips to try and cut down your food bill.

What do you do to keep the cost of your food bill down? Comment below and let us know.

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